Tipp for installing ubuntu 16.04 or linux mint 18

After using linux mint 17.3 for a long time, I was careless enough to allow an Xorg update. As the Xorg server has been the basis for the linux graphics system for many decades, you can appreciate that it is a fairly important part of the operating system. As a result after the update, because I have been using the proprietary AMD driver, I got a black screen.‘No worries, I have fought this before.’ was my first thought, but then I have realized that mint 17.3 has been built on ubuntu 14.04 and that was a long time ago, I should just update.

Normally one would accomplish such a task by downloading a live cd / dvd, verifying it, writing it on a cd / dvd or usb stick, and running the installer from there.

Don’t forget to back up your data!

I haven’t had a cd / dvd drive in my PC for a while now, so I have used a tool called Unetbootin to write the mint 18.2 mate 64 bit edition to an 8 GB usb stick.

During the install, I got an error and then tried to run the now included file checker. This was new to me. After booting from usb, I got a grub (or like) menu, where I could start the live cd or check file integrity. I have found 2 errors.
With another stick I had 3 errors. :-S

I have remembered that grub 2 supports starting the computer directly from an .iso image, and with the help of some tutorials I have used this method to successfully install my new operating system.

Afterwards I have found a tool called badblocks, that can be used to do a write – read check of the whole usb stick. No errors found. Makes me wonder…

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