My new venture into the world of open source software development

In my previous post I have mentioned that I now have a new linux mint version. As usual I have spent a day or two to configure it the way I like it. In doing so, I have also found some things that are not working as before.

One such thing is that the volume control icon in the notification bar doesn’t show the tooltip, when using the mouse wheel to change the volume.

Another being the mate-sonsors-applet (msa). This little applet is used to display some system information on the mate-panel, like CPU temperature, fan speeds, voltages.
There are some sensor plugins for it, that supply the sensor values from the system, like the udisks plugin, that connects to a service called udisks, whose task is the management of disk devices like CD / DVD drives / HDDs / SSDs. The change here is that this service, udisks is no longer supported (it’s deprecated) on mint 18.2.

There is a newer version instead, called udisks2, however a┬áplugin hasn’t been made for that yet. There are some tools to get around this problem, like the hddtemp utility, but that can’t read SSD temperatures out of the box.

All in all, the best solution is to just have a new plugin for udisks2, that can come installed with the next version of msa inside a new version of the mate desktop environment.

So I have read a bit about DBus – a major component of linux operating systems, through which I could connect to this udisks2 service, the same way the old udisks plugin does to the old udisks service and I have basically rewritten the old plugin as a new one.

It seems to work so far, but as I had to deal with the following – for me – new APIs: DBus, dbus-glib -> GDBus, Glib -> GIO, udisks -> udisks2, I think of it as a beta right now.

Nevertheless, I am surprised, I could do all this in just 4 days.

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