Auto-clicking Youtube’s Load More button

One of my hobbies is listening to music. Well, probably any normal person would say noise instead, but let’s not argue. Of course in modern times there are countless opportunities to do so. I listen to many online radios myself and apart from them, I sometimes pick out one of Youtube’s channels.

These promotional channels can sometimes have more than 500 videos, so that when you click on the videos tab, you have to click on the ‘Load More’ button multiple times to see them all in one page.

The problem grows bigger as my Firefox seems to possess the rather unfortunate habit of exiting randomly without provocation, which would necessitate repeating the process. (Apart from this, I like it.)

To counter this grave issue, I have devised the following very simple JavaScript code:

var myinterval = setInterval(function(){
}, 5000);

I run it in the Firebug console in Firefox, should the need arise.

Translation: In every 5 seconds find the ‘Load More’ button and click it. If you can’t find it, stop.

(Obviously there are many other solutions. One of which would be the ‘Show all’ button, which I haven’t found yet…)

Please note that yt may not give you enough ‘Load More’ buttons to see all videos from a given channel. Try changing between ‘Date added (newest – oldest)’ and Date added (oldest – newest).

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